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Those who are interested in our products we would like to acquaint about the history and origin of the offered glass products.

In the second half of the twenties of the 20th century, thanks to the success of production René Lalique at the Paris exhibition of decorative arts in 1925, artistic crystalware bacame established in the Jizera Mountains. This was simply a range of flaconware and vanity sets. The oldest design of this type of glass comes from the Josef Schmidt company in Příchovice from 1924. The instigators of „a la Lalique“ pressed glass production in the Jizera Mountains are also Johann Umann refinery in Potočná and especially Heinrich Hoffmann, which in the twenties of the 20th century were one of the largest glass companies in the Jizera mountains.

page from Heinrich Hoffmann’s contemporary catalog the 30s title-page of Heinrich Hoffmann’s contemporary catalog the 30s

Through cooperation with local artists František Pazourek, Zdeněk Juna a Alexander Pfohl could create distinctive range. The company manufactured glass, not only transparent but also glass from a lapis, jade and ivory. Later, other enterprises began to dedicate themselves to the production of artistic crystalware, such as Bruno Posselt in Tanvald, Josef Riedel Glassworks inPolubný, and last but not least, the company Curt Schlevogt in Jablonec nad Nisou led by Hoffmann’s son-in-law.

extracts of historical production from specialized publications - Curt Schlevogt extracts of historical production from specialized publications - Curt page from Curt Schlevogt`s contemporary catalog the 30s

In the thirties began to produce luxury pressed glass, the collection presented in 1934 at the fair in Leipzig under the trade name Ingrid. The company is known, in particular articles of jade, lapis and turquoise. European artists such as Ena Rottenberg, Eleon von Rommel, Mario Petrucci, Ida Schwetz-Lehmann, and local artists such as Arthur Plewa and Josef Bernhard participated in the creation. Importance of the end of the twenties of the 20th century became production of contemporary cut crystal. The most important producers were companies Gebrüder Feix and Johann Umann in Potočná.

Between 1945 and 1948, Northern Bohemia glass companies were expropriated by the country and combined in various forms of state enterprises.

Examples of contemporary drawings from designers and artists from the 1st half of the 20th century compared to current production.


contemporary drawingcurrent production RNO 26630/130 Jcontemporary drawingcurrent production RNO 29155/240contemporary drawingcurrent production RNO 32828/115 Alx


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